Vieux Montreal Premium Ales are handcrafted by a team of brewmasters dedicated to producing the perfect beer. They are brewed in small batches and delivered fresh weekly to each one of our customers. Each batch contains only four ingredients; water, select barley malt, imported hops and our unique yeast. BVM is brewed in accordance with the Bavarian Purity Law of 1516.

DRAFT: Available in 20L 30L and 50L kegs restaurants, bars  

CANS: Blonde, Red, IPA available at your local convenience stores

Premium Blond Ale:


This unique and refreshing blond is a straight forward lighter bodied ale. Balanced with a well rounded softness and a crisp yet cleansing hop finish. Goes down incredibly smooth. It truly is the perfect blond Ale.

Premium Rousse:


A full flavoured, hearty, deep red ale with full body and fine malt character. made with 5 types of the worlds finest malts. The result is smooth and rich without being too sweet. Stand alone or paired with a meal it is the perfect rousse.

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